Sunday, July 12, 2015

Screaming Floral: A Hat Pattern

Would you look at those angry little flowers?!  
I love them.  

The Screaming Floral Hat pattern is a quick and easy, worsted weight, beanie/toque.  The floral pattern makes if fun to knit in the summer so you can get a head start on your fall accessories or gifts.

If you are thinking the style of the Screaming Floral Hat is similar in style to the Pop Blossoms pattern, you would be correct.  I worked up the charts at the same time, but when I knit the Screaming Floral Hat the first time around, I make the mistake of (not once, but twice!) using yarn that was far too close in hue and value to photograph well.  

See what I mean?  And that is with the exposure boosted.  Luckily the purple is ridiculously pretty in real life.

In an effort to complete patterns in process, I revisited the charts and whipped up some much higher contrast hats.  If knit in similar yarns, the Screaming Floral hat would be an excellent companion accessory to the Pop Blossom cowl or mittens.  Different pattern, same world.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coming Off the Back Burner

Remember the Baktiari hat?

I started a Baktiari cowl too, but at about the halfway point it got back-burnered.  You know how it is when you have to do some yardage math and purchase more yarn (the black Cascade 220), the momentum slows and other projects are picked up.  After unearthing it from the WIP bin last week, I have decided to use the longer summer days to finish it.  The colors of that Sanguine Gryphon silk Codex* yarn are just too pretty to sit unknit in a ziplock bag.  They are Rhinebeck purchases and deserve better. 

I took it to see Blockbusters at the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival.  Three hours claiming a decent spot before the movie meant ample time to make significant progress.  You can tell how pumped people were to watch that movie next to the NY Public Library, where the opening scenes were filmed, by how far back and to the side my decent seat was.

See Bill Murray on the screen?

I am hoping to have a Baktiari cowl pattern out by the end of the summer.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at what's coming next.

*Sanguine Gryphon is no longer, but one of the spin off(?) companies, Verdant Gryphon, still carries it.  Such pretty stuff and lovely to knit with.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recently on Insta

I'm more active on Instagram (username Wonderfallz) than anywhere else these days so I thought I would share a quick roundup.  But first this, not from my instagram:

My Galaxy S4's camera is my MVP.  I can't believe it got a pic this nice.

I went to visit a friend who lives in Long Island City where there is a beautiful new waterfront boardwalk/park.  It was a beautiful night with a crystal clear shot of Manhattan.  I got to watch the sky go from light blue, to pinky orange, to deep blue with a sparkly skyline.  I will be going back to knit in one of the many public lounge chairs.

Next up, this spring, a dear friend agreed to model some cowls for me.  I had several requests to see them on an actual human being (imagine that!).  We spent the morning wandering around the meatpacking district looking for good background walls, drinking chai, and just having a good time hanging out, which we don't get to do nearly enough.

Next, in May of this year I hit 10 years of living in NYC.  I like to make note of this anniversary every year if only because it is so darn tough to live here so it feels like an accomplishment.  

Now that it is summer the beach is warm enough to visit.  The first visit to Rockaway Beach every year marks the first good full breaths of air I get outside after allergy season.  Gotta love that salty ocean air in the lungs.

Just out of shot are all the buildings that remind you where you are, but really how incredible to be able to visit a place that looks like this and then hop on the subway and pick up bubble tea in Chinatown.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blame it on the Girl Scouts

I went on a bit of an embroidery kick recently and whipped up a patch.  I love patch projects because: A- I was a Girl Scout who loved her patches 
B- Patches are a small, easy to complete project.

I took inspiration from Valentino's Pre Fall 2015 celestial dresses and made this.  100% hand stitched.  Finished during Eurovision (Congrats Sweden!).

(please ignore the difference in lighting between the WIP and final product)

WIP Shot

Final Product

Detail Shot

Bonus pic of a truly embarrassing Kpop patch project that will make little sense to anyone unless you watched the Korean variety show Roommate.  It was a bit of an inside joke project between friends and I was going to make a whole series of them but the show got recast and this project got pushed to the backburner.  I still think the patch is super cute though, so I am sharing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


There is something about a brutally cold winter that makes a person want to knit flowers in bright colors.  With that in mind I would like to share my latest cowl pattern, Bloomst!

The cowl formula is my favorite to wear.  It flairs at the bottom and covers my collar, protecting even the nape of my neck from the chilly winds blowing across my elevated train stop and folds down around the neck nicely.  It is a looser fitting cowl and does not fit closely around the face but if that is the desired fit, there are tips for customizing in the pattern.

Technical details about size, yarn, and needles can be found on the Ravelry pattern listing.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ribbon Candy Cowl

When I set out designing this pattern it looked quite a bit more Christmas-ey in my head than in execution.  Luckily the end result is a much more universal pattern that can be worn any time of year.


The Ribbon Candy Cowl is made using 3 yarns.  Two colors are used for the colorwork body of the cowl and the third is used to make the bands.  The example I show here used 2 balls, one red and one white of a 420 yard sock yarn, for the colorwork body of the cowl and an undyed sock yarn for the bands.  The colorwork portion of the pattern uses equal parts of each color and is meant to be repeated until the yarn runs out.  If you have 2 balls of yarn that are roughly 200yds/180m each, the cowl will be roughly 11"/28cm in height.  If you have 2 balls of yarn that are roughly 400yds/360m each, the cowl will be roughly 20"/51cm in height.  The ribbed bands require 150yds/137m of yarn.

My favorite thing about this pattern is that the jog between rows is completely hidden in the spiral.  There is no way of seeing where one row ends and another begins.  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rhinebeck 2014

Another year, another trip to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  This year my mom and dad joined me.  I've enjoyed going with each and every person I've ever attended with, how could you not, but Rhinebeck is the best when my family visits.  Heck, NY in general is just better when my family visits.  
I have talked about Rhinebeck extensively year after year so I will keep the recap short and sweet.

First, the hat.  I have tried this on every year for the past 8.  This year it came home with me.  There was a guy also from NYC trying on a different hat from this vender and I think we talked each other into our hat purchases.  It reminds me of Dr Zhivago.

Second, the animals.  How cute is this sheep?  I was squeeing over it and the farmer told me this breed is special because they smile.  And no, I don't know what breed it was because I forgot to take note.  whoops.

 And finally, the haul.  Miss Babs, Fiber Optic, Touch of Twist, Bartlett Yarns, Brooks Farm, Ensign Brook Farm, and sparkly gold fiber from a vendor I can't remember.  The goal was golds, a light indigo, a Fiber Optic ombre box and colors I don't normally grab.  I think I accomplished that.  There is not a red and teal combo in sight (if I didn't check myself those are the only colors I would ever use).

Just something random, it never fails that the moment you stop posing like an normal adult and start goofing off, it will be captured for posterity.  So here you go. 

I call myself a normal adult but my sunglasses say otherwise.