Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Air Conditioning and Summer SAD

Apparently less than 1% of the population suffers from Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder but I would swear that I am one of them. In theory summer is nice. I have daydreams about cool breezes, iced tea, watermelon, cool cotton fabrics, twilight, green grass, adirondack chairs, ect. My reality is smelly stagnant NY air, clothes that stick to my skin and turn dark with sweat and hot dirty sidewalks. I don't recall hating summer this much in CO, but as soon as the temperature hits 80 degrees in NY I retreat to my apartment, Barnes and Noble or the movies. I always get a mad case of the anywhere but New York when it gets warm. I daydream about going anywhere with fewer people, a slower pace, more open space, and a lower cost of living. Everyday I check out a different location of the Metro North or Jet Blue that is close by enough to go for the weekend, or I check Craigslist for apartments in Maine, Rhode Island, or upstate NY. The things (or people) that I find intolerable become even more so and I end up avoiding everyone while I get crazy crafty at home and watch movies about winter, Christmas or Canada.

This weekend was the Annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade. I went last year. It is a cute idea and kind of fun. It is also not nearly as nasty (temperature wise) as the rest of the city since it is so close to the ocean, but it is still crammed full of pushy people and the subway ride is ridiculously long with very little hope of getting a seat. For those reasons I decided this year to stay in the comfort of my air conditioning while I designed and knit a mitten, spun yarn, and watched Little Women, Hairspray, and Anne of Green Gables. The pictures are of the only thing I finished this weekend.

I have named the yarn "Swimming Pool" and it is a heavy laceweight. The skein is 533 yards.