Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finally, a different topic.

The past three months have been consumed by politics, as I am sure my readers know. I spent many many nights watching hours and hours of news. Because I cannot just sit and watch without doing something with my hands, I was left with ample time to knit away the political anxiety, which by the way, is all gone, replaced with giddy happiness and hope. The #1 project on the needles was my Rhinebeck scarf. I had purchased this gorgeous wool and mohair from a company called Decadent Fibers from Rhinebeck last year. It was a wonderful fall mix of deep oranges, reds and purple. I only had one skein which was too small to do anything with so it sat on my shelves. Later this year I had purchased a purpley skein from Wool Girl to be used in a Christmas scarf with a skeins of red and green. One day I was "cleaning", used in parenthesis because cleaning for me usually means playing with my yarn and reorganizing it, and I happened to put the purple and fall skein next to each other and it was like magic. They were meant to be together even though I would never put them together normally. I finally figures out what I was going to where as my knit piece to Rhinebeck this year. Here are the results.

All pictures were taken in Central Park by my mom and I after a wonderful trip to Zabars. More on that visit next time.

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