Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pattern Clarification and Explanation

I have gotten a few questions about the numbering on the Cylon Centurion Hat pattern and I wanted to address them.
1- I numbered the pattern wrong. Whoops! It has been updated with the correct numbers in red. My editing skills are such that even though people told me it was numbered wrong, I did not see the big discrepancy till yesterday.

2- The numbering of the point shaping is separate from the numbering of the rest of the hat. This was my way of saying those rows do not go around the hat, but are only knit in front. Not sure if the professionals would write it that way, but it made sense in my head :) The number sequence goes like this knit 1-16, continue with 1-12 of point shaping, finish with Row 18 to the end.

There was also a question about the short row shaping used to make the point and wrapping stitches. Here is a page from Knitting Daily that explains it.

Anyway, If you have questions send me an email at Wonderfallz@gmail.com or on Ravelry and I will update this page with new questions as I get them.

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