Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nerdy Knitting for points on Ravelry

So Battlestar Fan, Itsyournickle on Ravelry decided to put together a BSG Knitting contest, the Battlestar Galactica Fleet Power Battle. Similar to the Harry Potter House Battles, except this one is between the Pegasus, Galactica, and the Cylon Basestar. Unfortunately, I am a weak link on the Cylon Basestar. I only finished one of the first months challenges. Luckily it was complicated so I feel like I accomplished something. Knitting Designer Glenna C. designed a sock pattern called Viper Pilots. I used that sock pattern to make a Viper Pilot Cowl. I have this thing about not making socks. I tend to use and abuse socks so I feel that it would be a waste to spend time and precious yarn on them, so I make cowls instead. This one used some Kramer sock yarn that I got from The Point when they had their going out of business sale. It's merino, silk, and silver. I used the arrow cable pattern, the vipers, 6 times separated by the swirled rib cable and a little shaping at the bottom so it flares.

The only time I smile at work is when I take pictures of my knitting for this blog or Ravelry. Otherwise it is scowl city.

The intensity of the cables were a welcome distraction from my life for the month of June. It is difficult to be sad when you are thinking this hard about your knitting.

I am hoping to finish all of the challenges for the month of July. The first being a garter stitch shawl with a lacy border. I am smitten with all these finnish knitters and their garter stitch shawls I see on Ravelry. Here is a sneak peak of the colors.

Warning to anyone visiting Purlsoho, Beware of the wall of Koigu. It will suck you in every time.

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Free Range Chick said...

This is beautiful. I love it. And you are not the weak link. Us Cylons know the importance of each one of us. Every point counts and you got 30 bonus points for this!