Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspiration from Florida

A couple years ago I went to Florida for my grandmother's memorial service. Although it was a sad reason to be traveling, it was really lovely to see my dad and hang out with a few relatives I rarely see. I had not spent much time in Florida before except for a trip when I was about 14 for my grandparents wedding anniversary and a couple days in Disney World. What I remembered from that time was that most of Florida seemed brown up until you reach the gates of Disney World and suddenly it is a well manicured tropical wonderland. This time around I got a better look through more adult eyes and I must say, it is not the state for me. Besides being completely allergic, apparently a year round problem there since stuff is always blooming, I could not make sense of the city (Orlando) layout, it just seemed so haphazard. Anyway, while the state seemed kind of, whatever, there was one glorious aspect, and that was fresh oranges. Every morning my grandfather made fresh orange juice from the orange tree in his front yard. I normally hate orange juice. The concentrate stuff just seems bitter and sour, like I am perpetually drinking it after brushing my teeth. This fresh stuff, on the other hand, tasted like a really good summer day and soccer (Yes I grew up in suburban America). Inspired by those oranges on my grandfather's front yard, I went about making these pot holders for my grandpa.

Oranges Pot Holders

I can't really make heads or tails of written crochet instructions, and I don't have the computer program to make a nice chart like my favorite japanese books have, so I have loosely written what I did. This is by no means a comprehensive pattern. Do with it what you will, hopefully you get the general idea.

2 balls of Karabella Cable 5 in Orange, or any size 3 crochet cotton
1 ball of White size 3 crochet cotton

Two lengths of white cotton ribbon, I used White twill tape.

There are 7 wedges per slice.
The # of double stitches (in Orange) into each slice are as follows:
3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17. 19, 21, 23. 25. 27
Each Wedge is separated by two chain stitches

Then in White I crocheted 29 into the top of each slice and worked a combination of chain stitch and stitching into the ladders between the slices.

With the wrong sides facing, I single stitched, in Orange, the two sides together through the back loops.

Block, sew on loops of Ribbon

Still on the Pot holder front...
I finally got around to photographing another pair of pot holders I finished a while back. They are sort of the Old Fashioned Potholder pattern although I stopped reading that pattern after the 3rd row so I don't think the edge is the same. I added a bit of a sparkly silver edge to finish them off.