Monday, April 26, 2010

Pollen and Bubbles

I love it and I hate it. I love putting away winter coats and getting by with just a hoodie. I love that I actually see the sun at some point before and after work. I love that the Union Square green market starts to expand, and I love walking around for hours on the weekend getting veggies and bread, hitting up The Strand, and drinking Boba Tea. Unfortunately my hate overshadows all of these wonderful things because what I hate is pollen. My arch nemesis, the thief that robs my lungs of air and attacks my senses.

This year I am attempting something new. I have made an offering to the pollen gods. I designed a new hat and named it after the invisible beast that comes from the flowers and trees, in hopes that they will ease up on me and let me enjoy the outdoors.

Here is the hat I am calling Pollen and Bubbles. The pattern will be my first for sale on Ravelry. You can purchase it there or follow this link:

Luckily it was cool enough this weekend to put on my snow coat for a picture and not feel like my face was melting off.

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