Monday, March 7, 2011

The Happy and The Sad

I'll start with the sad. This weekend the St Francis of Assisi statue in the garden at my church, my parent's church really, back home in Colorado was stolen. I like this statue. He modeled my hat for me this winter when my mom and I were playing crafty photo shoot at the church. Doesn't he look awesome?
He was wearing the red bow when we got there. Apparently we were not the first to think he needed some accessories. Anyway, if you are in or near Colorado Springs and you see this guy chillin in someone's yard or truck on the way to metal recycling or who knows where, call the cops because he doesn't belong there.

Now the happy. It's Girl Scout Cookie delivery day at the shop today!
Woohoo Thin Mints!!! It's the little things that really make a day awesome.

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