Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crop Circles at the Community Garden

Have you ever tried to grow a garden in a backyard open to the Rocky Mountain foothills? It is next to impossible to harvest anything with the massive herds of deer that wander the neighborhood consuming everything that is remotely edible. It is because of this that my parents joined the community garden. Just down the street in a nice fenced in area they are able to grow fruits and veggies to the point where they can be harvested for human consumption. Now, my dad and I share the same oddball sense of humor. It was he who wanted to plant the corn in a circle in the middle of their plot. Forget the normal rectangular rows of plants, there is nothing fun about that. With a circle, other gardeners are left wondering "What the heck is going on over there?" and the aliens thinking "That must be the signal we are looking for."

So in honor of my dad's circular crop of corn I have dubbed this pattern:
Crop Circles at the Community Garden

*The peace sweater came from Sundance a while back.

My sister and my brother's girlfriend were on the receiving ends of the sample knits this Christmas. The blue and gold pattern is knit in lightweight fingering yarn. The gold is a wool skein I inherited from my grandmother's stash and the blue is some laceweight merino from Elann held triple. This version was knit on US Size 1 24" circular needles.

The grey and cream is knit using Lion Brand's newish Merino Cashmere Superwash. This yarn is really lovely to work with, super soft and bouncy. This version was knit on US Size 5 24" circular needles. Note: this yarn calls for a much larger needle on it's label but I tend to always choose needles smaller than recommended for a cleaner, tighter looking knit, and I have noticed that Lion Brand's yarns are always lighter than the gauges they claim to be.