Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rhode Island, I kind of love you

During my mini-vaca a few weeks ago for my little sister's graduation, my family and I took a quick day trip to Rhode Island. The point of the trip was threefold:

1- To stop by the Cocktail Couture exhibit at the RISD Museum. The rest of my family are all foodies with an appreciation for good cocktails. I am the black sheep in that I barely drink and have no desire to watch Top Chef. But museum-going is usually fun regardless of the reason. I am usually drawn to the more decorative things, tapestries, stained glass, anything that uses repetitive patterns, but this time my favorite thing in the whole museum was this piece:
For some reason this drawing cracks me up. I think it's just the idea of some super muscular guy just sitting and sketching in the nude. Unfortunately I failed to write down who the artist was who sketched this in the first place, or what it is called.

2- The second reason for our trip to Rhode Island was to stop and get a Wimpy Skippy at Caserta's. These things are spinach pie on crack.

3- The third reason was to go to the beach in Galilee, Narragansett. The beach we went to is located directly behind this famous place called George's. My mom remembers getting fried clams at the to-go window and hanging out on the beach with family when I was about 1 year old. This part of the trip was hands down my favorite. The beach, while small, was gorgeous. the sand had kind of a grey look and it sparkled like crazy due to all the shell fish in the area. The sky was a bit grey and all the buildings, fences or anything made of wood had that gorgeous grey sea exposed look to them. The water was cold but felt sooo good after I got used to it. I could have camped out on that beach for the whole summer.
Yes, I am wearing jeans and a leather jacket on the beach but in my defense it was colder out there and once I got used to temp, the pants were rolled up and the jacket came off.

This trip was the second time I have been to Rhode Island when I was old enough to actually remember anything. The first time was 7 months after I moved to NY. I had just lived through my first Thanksgiving and Christmas away from my family and was dealing with working retail on the upper east side (aka HELL) 7 days a week and still barely being able to afford living in NY. I was an emotional mess, crying almost every single day for that first 6 months of being here. My mom and sister were touring schools and I met up with them in Rhode Island. I took a 4 hour bus that was 3 hours late taking off. I was exhausted when I finally stepped off the bus at 11pm and saw my mom. She hugged me and asked if I wanted to go get a Mocha (there was a Starbucks open across the street). This pretty much solidified a happy place for Rhode Island in my heart.

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