Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pop Blossom Mittens

That is my street the night after all the hurricane drama. My neighborhood was located smack dab in the middle of Brooklyn and is not even in any evacuation zone. We just had torrential downpour and really scary wind that kept me up all night on Saturday but did little besides strip leaves from trees and rip apart our very old gutters. I just wish the rest of the north east had it so easy there are some really heart breaking pictures from the cute smaller towns and villages further North.

Since I was completely housebound all weekend I took the opportunity to cook a ridiculously large batch of kale chips, knit like a fiend, and watch some H2o: Just Add Water (Netflix instant video leads to embarrassing new TV habits like Australian teen shows about mermaids) and Veronica Mars. As a result of this fiendish knitting I will be releasing the Hocus Pocus Mitten pattern very very soon!! But first...

Here are the Pop Blossom Mittens!
The pattern is available by itself for $5
or as part of the Pop Blossom ebook with the matching hat pattern for $7

They are knit out of Sport, DK, or Worsted Weight yarns with instructions for how to choose the right yarn and needle to get the right size. Proportionally they are really only patterned for adult hands.

I was so happy to use some of that blue yarn I got from my first visit to Rhinebeck 4 or 5 years ago. I tend to be very precious with my Rhinebeck yarn, saving it for exactly the right thing instead of using it, knowing that I will be back the next year. My sentimentality is ridiculous sometimes and only leads to borderline hoarding.

I hope everyone reading is having a safe end of summer and looking forward to wooly weather!