Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hocus Pocus Mittens

I was not planning on revisiting my Hocus Pocus Cowl and Bag pattern to make mittens. I do have a hat pattern that has been in half design in my notebooks for a year now but mittens were never on the radar. Then I was asked on Ravelry if I had ever thought of making some matching mittens. I thought I would give it a shot, just start playing on Excel to see if the pattern came to me and it did.

So I give you, with just enough time to knit a pair before Halloween...
Hocus Pocus Mittens!

Hocus Pocus Mitten Version 1 framed
Hocus Pocus Mitten Version 2 framed
The pattern is made of mix and match patterns. There are two options for the front of the mitten. The classic version with black cats and the I'm-allergic-to-cats version that depicts a head and arm emerging from a grave, like that zombie character in the Hocus Pocus movie or countless vampires in Buffy. There are also two palm pattern choices, the good luck bats palm pattern and the "give me candy" palm pattern. There is only one thumb pattern with a surprise message "BOO!" In order to start knitting the pattern pieces you choose to use will need to be cut out and taped together.
Hocus Pocus Mitten Palm Version 1 frame
Hocus Pocus Mitten Palm Version 2 framed

There are two sizes included in the pattern adult and child. The adult size is knit using a sport weight yarn on size 3 needles. The child's size is knit using a light fingering weight (like Cascade Heritage) yarn on size 2 needles. Other sizes can be achieved by choosing a heavier or lighter yarn or larger or smaller needles. If you need help determining the best way to adjust the size, email me at wonderfallz (at) gmail (dot) com or message me on Ravelry.
Hocus Pocus Mitten Thumb Boo! framed