Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Epic Fall is Magic Mini Road Trip Part 2: Rhinebeck

I am on vacation so I am finally getting around to posting part 2.

After our very short visit to Maine we made headed back down to NY for The New York Sheep and Wool Festival, the happiest place on earth. The only way I was going to be able to head back to NY after being in Maine is if it meant Rhinebeck. Otherwise I would have tethered myself to a dock screaming, "No, don't take me back there (NYC/real life), it is dirty and I can't breathe."

We stayed at a cute little motel in Hyde Park. When we walked up to the building at night we saw every curtain open and every room have 5+ people sitting, drinking wine, and knitting. It was charming.

My favorite part of Rhinebeck is the few minutes after I walk in the gate. So much potential awesome about to happen.
The yarn was as gorgeous as always. I had set strict guidelines that I was not to buy any wildly multicolored yarn. Every year I am seduced by a skein of yarn with 8 different colors in it that always looks better in the skein than knit. The goal was to buy solids in possible pairs for colorwork. My mom was there to make sure I varied my color palette and purchased colors besides red and teal, although looking at this picture I still managed to get a lot of red, and pink which was unplanned.
For a second year in a row I also got Jennie the Potter's Rhinebeck mug but have failed to take a picture of it. Her mugs are wonderful.

Anyway this post is picture light because I was with my mom and was having more fun just being there than taking many pictures. Months later I am still thinking about how awesome this little trip was and how much I want to go back up to Maine.