Saturday, March 10, 2012

Best $20 Art Project Ever, or at least the Sparkliest

I was bored the other night and took a short visit to my favorite costume jewelry store. This place is amazing. Almost everything is under $4 and absolutely encrusted in cheap rhinestones. It is one of the best craft supply stores in town. After this visit I got home, looked at these ridiculous earrings and brooch and inspiration struck. I had this awesome $3 frame from Pearl River Mart and had nothing to put in it, until tonight. I raided my glitter paper stash and for less than $20 total I have the most awesomely tacky wall art.

If you are visiting NY and want to check out the costume jewelry store, there are actually two owned by the same people, check out Earrings Plaza or Jewelry Plaza. They don't have websites but they are on google maps. Don't be scared away by the ugly presentation, because the product is fun.

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