Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pop Blossoms Cowl

Before Christmas I altered my Pop Blossoms Hat pattern to become a cowl for my dear sweet cousin.
I quickly slammed it out without any regard to yardage or measurements, so while it was successful and cute, I had no idea how much yarn I used or what the gauge was. When I got back to NY from my Christmas break (and yes I realize how ridiculous is is to be mentioning when I got back from Christmas while blogging in April) I worked up two more Pop Blossoms Cowls so I could get all those pertinent numbers. So here it is...

Pop Blossoms Cowl
This cowl is big and chunky. It doesn't hug your neck and face as much as it creates a plush wall around your head. It is knit using heavy worsted, Aran, or Bulky weight yarns on size US 9 circular needles.
The example with the gold background and maroon pattern was knit using Cascade Eco+ in Butternut Squash and 2 strands of Vanna's Glamour in Garnet.

The example with the green background and pink pattern was knit using Vanna Choice Solid in what I think was the color Fern and 2 strands of Vanna's Glamour in Rhinestone, the best sparkly hot pink yarn ever. The pink was next to impossible to capture correctly with my camera so if the wall behind the cowl looks oddly blue, that is my attempt to make the cowl colors look like they do in person. Failed attempt I should say because it still does not look as gloriously pink as it does in person.

The pattern is available by itself or in discount bundles (ebooks) with the Pop Blossoms Hat and/or Pop Blossoms Mittens through my Ravelry Store.

Up next, a change to the blog appearance and the Lantern Festival Cowl
Up soon because I am dragging my feet something fierce, the reworked Cylon Hat.

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