Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baktiari, The Hat

After months of being completely blocked, unable to come up with a name for this pattern and the attention span to sit and write, I am finally able to present...

Baktiari is a hat that can be knit in either a beanie or a slouch in size large (22") or small (18").  The large is knit using either aran or worsted weight yarns and the small is knit using either worsted or sport weight yarns.  The background can be knit with stripes like the grey, white and pink example or with a solid background like the teal and gold example.

The slouch hat chart includes a section that can be repeated if you wish to make a longer hat like a stocking cap.  If you march to the beat of your own drummer, you can even use the motif to make something bigger like a sweater, blanket, ect.

The pattern includes all yardage information.

Pom Pom and i-cord instructions can be found in my flickr account.  I do not include instructions for tassels but a google search of "tassel tutorial" comes up with many.

Thank You to my mom and sister for helping me try to name this thing.

Next up, a simple pumpkin motif pattern for October.

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