Tuesday, September 23, 2014

\/\/ Wribbons /\/\

I have published a new cowl pattern today.

\/\/ Wribbons /\/\ 

This cowl is one of my favorites to wear.  It flares at the bottom to protect the neck and collar from chilly air.  The pattern includes yardage and instructions for a sport weight cowl as well as the formula for the pattern so it can be customized for any yarn and any size.

Here's the Ravelry link:

I made the first version of this cowl over a year ago and it was far and away my favorite cowl to wear.  Unfortunately I failed to write down any of the yardage so the pattern hung out in limbo until I knit a second sample.  The edging on the first version is different from the final version because even though visually I loved the way it looked, it rolled in on itself too easily so it got replaced with ribbing which managed to make it even cozier.  The yarn on this first version was such a surprise.  They were two random cheap merinos from Ebay and Smileys Yarn Sale that were utilitarian yarns in my stash.  Together they are luminous.  The first version also had one additional round of chartwork.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scary Easy Hocus Pocus Tote

Fall is finally upon us.  All the drinks and food at Starbucks and Whole Foods are pumpkin flavored and the Halloween section of the craft store is jam packed with glitter fall flowers, skeletons, black cats and pumpkins.  With a month and a half till Halloween I thought I would add a little addition to the Hocus Pocus Trick or Treat Bag Pattern.  Here is the Scary Easy Hocus Pocus Tote. 
 This tote is a much easier, finish in a weekend, version of the original bag.  It does not require any lining or felting and it a much more appropriate size for trick or treating.  

If you have already purchased the Hocus Pocus Cowl and Trick or Treat Bag ebook then you should see this new tote pattern added to the download options, you do not have to purchase anything new.  If have not purchased the pattern but are interested in making your own, follow the button below for more details.