Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blame it on the Girl Scouts

I went on a bit of an embroidery kick recently and whipped up a patch.  I love patch projects because: A- I was a Girl Scout who loved her patches 
B- Patches are a small, easy to complete project.

I took inspiration from Valentino's Pre Fall 2015 celestial dresses and made this.  100% hand stitched.  Finished during Eurovision (Congrats Sweden!).

(please ignore the difference in lighting between the WIP and final product)

WIP Shot

Final Product

Detail Shot

Bonus pic of a truly embarrassing Kpop patch project that will make little sense to anyone unless you watched the Korean variety show Roommate.  It was a bit of an inside joke project between friends and I was going to make a whole series of them but the show got recast and this project got pushed to the backburner.  I still think the patch is super cute though, so I am sharing.

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