Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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I'm more active on Instagram (username Wonderfallz) than anywhere else these days so I thought I would share a quick roundup.  But first this, not from my instagram:

My Galaxy S4's camera is my MVP.  I can't believe it got a pic this nice.

I went to visit a friend who lives in Long Island City where there is a beautiful new waterfront boardwalk/park.  It was a beautiful night with a crystal clear shot of Manhattan.  I got to watch the sky go from light blue, to pinky orange, to deep blue with a sparkly skyline.  I will be going back to knit in one of the many public lounge chairs.

Next up, this spring, a dear friend agreed to model some cowls for me.  I had several requests to see them on an actual human being (imagine that!).  We spent the morning wandering around the meatpacking district looking for good background walls, drinking chai, and just having a good time hanging out, which we don't get to do nearly enough.

Next, in May of this year I hit 10 years of living in NYC.  I like to make note of this anniversary every year if only because it is so darn tough to live here so it feels like an accomplishment.  

Now that it is summer the beach is warm enough to visit.  The first visit to Rockaway Beach every year marks the first good full breaths of air I get outside after allergy season.  Gotta love that salty ocean air in the lungs.

Just out of shot are all the buildings that remind you where you are, but really how incredible to be able to visit a place that looks like this and then hop on the subway and pick up bubble tea in Chinatown.

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