Sunday, July 12, 2015

Screaming Floral: A Hat Pattern

Would you look at those angry little flowers?!  
I love them.  

The Screaming Floral Hat pattern is a quick and easy, worsted weight, beanie/toque.  The floral pattern makes if fun to knit in the summer so you can get a head start on your fall accessories or gifts.

If you are thinking the style of the Screaming Floral Hat is similar in style to the Pop Blossoms pattern, you would be correct.  I worked up the charts at the same time, but when I knit the Screaming Floral Hat the first time around, I make the mistake of (not once, but twice!) using yarn that was far too close in hue and value to photograph well.  

See what I mean?  And that is with the exposure boosted.  Luckily the purple is ridiculously pretty in real life.

In an effort to complete patterns in process, I revisited the charts and whipped up some much higher contrast hats.  If knit in similar yarns, the Screaming Floral hat would be an excellent companion accessory to the Pop Blossom cowl or mittens.  Different pattern, same world.

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