Friday, October 23, 2015

Rhinebeck 2015 Part 1

Last weekend was the 3rd weekend of October which can only mean one thing... RHINEBECK!

Yes, last weekend was the happiest of the year. I only went on Sunday this time around and was a little unprepared for how cold it was. Most years are too hot for me to even show off any knits, so I didn't prepare much this year and spent most of the time with stiff frozen fingers. Whoops. The snow was pretty though. Yeah, snow! I thought it was just a cottonwood tree at first. 

I have not been home when there is good sunlight since getting back from Rhinebeck so I only have pictures of a few things but I thought I would break them up into 2 posts.  

First, this is a silly "artsy" pic of the cowl I wore from my subway platform in Brooklyn, because clich├ęs happen (please never let hipster insta barbie learn to knit).  Pattern coming soon-ish.  If you are interested in test knitting message me through Ravelry for more info.

This is my new, and first, yarn bowl. It's from Primrose Pottery/Sins and Needles 89. She paints the best fandom yarn bowls. She has one with Winifred from Hocus Pocus that I covet but I could not pass on a Buffy bowl.

This is my favorite Rhinebeck yarn purchase this year so it got a pic from the car on the ride back.  I will hunt down and put the info in the next post.  The guy who dyes is does not have a website yet but everyone was bugging him about it and he said it was in the works. This is not the first time I have seen pretty sparkly yarn at Rhinebeck but this one was by far the prettiest. The ladies paying for their yarn in front of my were teasing me that I had heart eyes staring at it. If feels glorious and looks ethereal.  I am so in love.

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